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We offer free estimates, 24/7 scheduling,  and the guaranteed elimination wasps, bees, hornets, bed bugs, termites, mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, fleas and other pesky insect bug or rodent infestations from your place of residence.

Commercial Pest Control

Bulding free iconWe do a thorough inspection and  take every precaution possible to prevent future infestations in your place of businesses. We offer quality assurance audits, pest prevention education for employees,  and steep discounts on contracts. Call now for a free consultation

Wildlife Removal

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You may have a niggling wildlife. If raccoons in the attic, squirrels, possums in the garage , bats in the basement and other wild animals making themselves at home where they shouldn’t.  Call now for same day wildlife removal

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We are certified by the Ontario Ministry Of Environment for providing Eco-friendly pest control services

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To ensure your privacy and comfort we offer unmarked vehicles are available at no extra cost to you. 

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We have been a trusted local pest control service provider in Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, and the rest of the GTA for over 20 years

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We offer a 10% discount to senior citizens on all pest and wildlife removal jobs. Call us to learn more.

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Quick, efficient service, always has helpful suggestions and information but most importantly the bugs are gone. Nice guy.

The service was prompt and excellent. They are very courteous and explain the steps in detail and answer your questions

Nalin K.

It's very good company we had good experience la st month. They have good and. Reasonable rates. I recommend to all.

waseem k.

Mice problem city pest control got the job done. Me amy faimly very happy. They block the all enterces out side the house, Thanks city pest control inc No mre pest problem

nick s. ‘BBB Verified Reviewer

Excellent, prompt and friendly service

Sancia B. BBB Verified Reviewer

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Hornets are known as the largest eusocial wasps. These insects belong to the Vespidae family. Some of the species reach up to 5.5 cm in length. The best known species are the European hornet, or, Vespa crabro that grow to a length of about 2 to 3.5 cm and are widely...

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How Do You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs From Clothes?

Bed bug infestations can hit the clothes you wear regularly. Bed bugs travel in suitcases and may get transferred from clothes to other areas of the house. As a homeowner, you may be distressed at the sight of these bed bugs. In case your clothes have found themselves...

8 Weird Facts On Rats

Rats are one of the most common pests that infest the human household. No other pest can evoke a sense of dread than rats. These pests can cause severe damage to your property by spoiling food materials, chewing on your clothes, furniture, electrical wires. Moreover,...
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