Fleas are mostly wingless, creepy insects that like surviving on warm objects. The presence of fleas in your home is felt when their eggs get dropped inside your home.

Getting Rid Of Fleas for One Of Client In Brampton

Here, are a few tips that would help you to get rid of fleas from your house.

Creating A Flea Trap

a dish washing liquid will help you create an excellent flea trap. The high viscosity of the dishwahing liquid attracts fleas. You can simply place a dish of warm water with dishwashing liquid near the areas where you suspect the presence of fleas. Fleas get trapped in it and you can dispose of their bodies.

Use Of Herbal Flea Spray

The herbal flea spray is made of natural ingredients and will be a safe way to get rid of fleas. Spray every corner of your home with the herbal formulation. This not only eliminates fleas from home, but also keeps them away for quite a long time.

Clean Your Home

Keeping your home clean on a regular basis. Vacuum carpets, furniture and wash everything at the hottest setting, this eliminates fleas and keeps them from reoccurring.

Remedy of Boric Acid

Boric aid is one of the best remedies to keep fleas away from your home. It works as a dehydrating agent and serves its purpose of getting the fleas killed. You can sprinkle adequate amount of boric acid wherever you doubt to find fleas, larvae and eggs.


Rosemary can be used in different forms to get rid of fleas. You can sprinkle rosemary powder on carpet, furniture, window sills or anywhere where fleas are present. This natural repellent kills fleas and will free your home from their infestation.

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