Typically, spiders are a common feature in homes that border lush vegetation and woods. Before you raise the alarm for a spider bite, it important that you understand the symptoms for spider bites and know what needs to be done when bitten by one. Like any insect bite, spider bites look similar to other domestic bug bites. Harmless spider bites usually are not deadly or even menacing.

Black Widow Spider

However, if the spider is a black widow spider, it may induce the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain along with back and chest pain is common if bitten by the black widow spider.
  • You can also develop abdominal cramping and there could be rigidity in the muscles.
  • Many a times, the symptoms are mistaken to be a ruptured appendix or a severe case of appendicitis.
  • The victim may also sweat excessively and the bite mark may inflame uncontrollably.

If you are bitten by the brown recluse spider, the pain usually develops within the first 8 hours of the bite.

It is extremely painful and the bite area often swells to dusky red. An enlarged ulcer develops and full healing may only occur after medication and formal medical help. You should call in the doctor or the medical services, if the victim shows signs of being in severe pain, vomits incessantly or even suffers excruciatingly painful bouts of abdominal cramps and muscle spasms.

Immediate Aid To Given After Getting Bites From Black Widow Spider

It is important that first aid is given immediately and the patient taken to a medical facility immediately after the discovery of the bite.

  • You could apply a cold compress the moment the spider bite is noticed.
  • You should also wash the area with some disinfectant and water, the moment the bite is noticed.

Careful emergency treatment along with prevention of spider epidemics often goes a long way in preventing fatalities in spider bites. Call in the efficient pest control service for spiders  – Citypest. We help in nipping the problem in the bud!

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