Wasp Nest, Bee Hive Removal Services In GTA

Case Study: Yellow Jacket Nest Removal From Wall Ceiling

In 2015 one of our customer in Brampton complained about bee hive inside his house ceiling. The bees were using very little hole from outside. On 11th April 2016 we have again received a call from our existing customer and reached at his home. Before we proceeded with our exterminating job on yellow jacket nest, we listen and understood the problem that our customer wants to get remove the beehive (yellow jacket nest) from the close ceiling in his house. We open the ceiling at first and remove the yellow jacket’s nest effectively. Bees generally reuse the hive and most of time these bees goes for hibernation in whole winter and awake up in spring and start making the colony again. Customer is very happy with our extermination job we have done for him and he put his feedback here. Enjoy watching this video on how we have removed yellow jackets’s Nest

Yellow jacket Hive Lying on the Ground after our Exterminator removed from ceiling

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