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Spider species such as the Funnel Webs and the Red Backs can cause serious health issues. These are found in the Greater Toronto Area. If you want a cost effective and efficient spider removal service in Brampton, Toronto and GTA around, call us at 416-410-2786. If you contact us over email, we will get back in 24 hours with a quotation without charging you the obligation appraisal. You can also avail of the seniors discount or even have the fumigation conducted over the weekends. No extra charges are quoted by the exterminators for the weekend service. With minimum disruption posed to your home and livelihood, we at City Pest Control Inc have the best spider treatment measures that will help you get rid of this menace in the long term. We have many methods that help get rid of the spider problems. These include fogging and attic dusting and does not pose harm to people. The nesting is sprayed with harmful insecticides and the residual sprays along with aerosol are sprayed on the cracks of the ceiling. This prevents the spiders from reentering the home again.

About spiders:- Spiders thrive on moisture and are found in basements, damp cellars and even uninhabited quarters in homes. There are some species though, that inhabit the warm subfloor ventilation systems and upper corners of the rooms. Many of these spiders prey on the others and have eight legs, no wings and antennae with two body regions.

Spider Reproductive And Life Cycle:- Spiders often are capable of producing silk and this is elastic and strong, works as an adhesive in certain ways. This silk is often used to build the egg sacs and the spider dwellings that are orb shaped. Some spiders also live in the burrows and take refuge in the cracks and crannies. The female spiders produce an egg and from it emerges spider lings. These spider lings eventually develop into adults after undergoing sequences of molts. The male spiders perform splendid dances to attract the female and post the mating, most of the males become a meal for the female spider.

10 Common Spiders Found In Canada

Canada is home to some of the deadliest of spider species in the world. Despite being a very cold country with extreme weather conditions, the country has some of the scariest of arachnids. Although most of us have an inborn fear of spiders, the attack from spiders seems all too rare and occasional. Studies have proved that most serious bites suffered by humans were from other arthropods and not spiders. The antivenin against spider bites is also very effective and it is a rare thing to actually die from spider bites. It has been found that the Loxosceles and the Latrodectus species of spiders are the most dangerous in Canada and cause about 4 deaths every year. Here are some of the most common but venomous spider species commonly seen in the country:

1. The Brown Recluse Spider: although humans are not a food source for spiders, there are many spider species such as the Brown Recluse, which enter the homes of unsuspecting strangers. These spiders cause severe abdominal pain and cramps and may lead to fatalities in the wild, when not treated with medical aids and antidotes. This eight-legged house guest causes fewer fatalities than those caused by lightning strikes!

2. The Wolf Spiders: these are found aplenty in Canada and are unique as they do not spin webs. They instead hunt down their prey. They can be more than an inch long and enter homes only when temperatures outside are too cold.

3. Cellar Spiders: These are commonly known as “Daddy Long Legs” are terrific web spinners and have a tendency to create webs in the corners of homes. These are not deadly in terms of their bites but can cause severe skin rashes in humans.

4. Common house Spiders: These are usually found inside of homes and can be difficult to identify. Usually yellowish to brown in color, these spiders hide beneath furniture and closets, cupboards and basements.

5. Black Widow Spiders: These are deadly in some varieties and are found in the Southern parts of Canada where the temperatures are not that low. The female spider bites can be deadly and the infants along with the elderly can be its biggest prey. You may face muscle pain, abdominal cramps and heightened heart rate along with excessive sweating when bitten by these. Black widow spider bites induce these symptoms

6. The Recluse spiders:- They are a venomous breed of spiders that measures up to 18 mm or 3/4 inch in body length. They are dark and violin shaped with 8 eyes. Most of these spiders cause tissue loss and cutaneous injury along with necrosis in humans.

7. The Southern Black widow:- is another breed of the usual black widows found in warmer climes and cities. They inflict a painful bite on humans and cause severe damage to the nervous system. Humans bitten by this spider suffer headaches, heart attacks and hypertension.

8. The Grey widow:- is another kind of a spider breed whose bite causes epileptic fits in humans.

9. The Hobo Spider:- These group of spiders belong to the family of the Agelenidae and live in dry and arid weather conditions across Canada. The females in this breed have larger abdomens than the males and are about 3 inches to 2 inches in body span. The bites are usually painless with blister formation after 24 hours along with ulcerations.

10. The Yellow Sac spiders:- are found in several homes across the country and cause envenomations in humans. These spiders build silk retreats and curl up in leaves and crevices. They are notorious at night and bite at unsuspecting humans while they are on the prowl. Bites can often result in erythema and pruritus along with edema.

5 Dangerous Facts About Spiders

Spiders can elicit wondrous awe and repulsion, along with fear and disgust among humans of all ages. These eight legged arachnids are amazingly diverse and deadly in certain cases. In North America, these spiders can be of the Black widow variety and may be found in plenty inside suburban home lofts and attics. Here are a few strange and dangerous facts about some of the spider species, from about 40, 000 known varieties:

  • Nearly 50 per cent of all women and 16 per cent of men suffer from arachnophobia. This is an extreme and irrational fear of spiders inside and outside of the home.
  • Most species of spiders have about 5 to 8 pairs of eyes and are most active at night fall.
  • The spider silk is the strongest known natural fiber that is made of spider protein and has stupendous tensile strength. The fabric made of spider protein has the greatest strength and will tolerate a lot of pressure before it breaks up. It is often considered by scientists to be stronger than bone and as much as half as strong as steel!
  • The bite of the Brazilian Wandering Spider can cause painful erections in human males and sends chills down the spine in humans.
  • The Black Widow Spider is the most deadly spider in North America and was the cause of many fatalities till some years back when an antidote was developed by scientists.

How Do Spiders Enter Your Home?

  • These spiders often enter the homes through open and poorly closed windows and doors. The cracks and gaps in the wooden panes often enable spiders to enter your home.
  • A lot of spiders often enter the home looking for the prey. They can spin webs around the house making it unfit for you to live comfortably.
  • Cobwebs are also the reason why many people develop rashes and allergies and it makes sense to get experts to help save your home.

Most spiders though, found in homes in Canada are non venomous and not deadly for humans. Still they can be a source of great filth and despair for many. It is necessary that you call in the expert spider exterminators before it gets too crowded with these many-legged pests!

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