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Mice pest control measures are offered across the main Toronto centers and the Greater Toronto Area. With over 20 years of experience in rat, rodents and mice extermination for our clients in Brampton and GTA around, City Pest Control Inc offers faster and safe extermination services at competitive rates, 100% elimination guarantee. You can ask our pest control technicians to come over to your home and deliver great service. We also offer a senior’s discount and do not charge any extra fees for the work done on weekends. Call us right at on 416-410-2786. We at City Pest Control Inc have strict cleaning techniques that are masterful and efficient. Our technicians employ smart systems that are able to control the rat epidemic inside your home.

Mice Treatment in Furnace Area For One of Our Client In Brampton

 There a large number pest control measures for rodents, rats and mice. We have a large range of programs designed to eliminate rodents and rats. There are a lot of anti-coagulant baits, used in tamper proof stations across your home, to catch the mice. These baits are not injurious and unhealthy for humans and have a 100 per cent success rate.

Mice Treatment At Retail Store In Brampton


About Rats and Mice

Rats are the most common rodents that attack your home. These are menacing and their feeding habits destructive and devastating. Most rats infest on the existing indoor structures in your living room and the kitchen. These are secretive and when space becomes limited for these rats to survive, a full grown infestation thrives unstoppably! You can see rat droppings and even live rats running across in your kitchen sinks and bathroom wash basins. These rodents constantly gnaw at wood, plastic and even other pieces of furniture. They also breed fast having shelters inside wooden furniture and sofas. Rats have large and sharp teeth that can cut through almost anything. They are also wary of unknown substances that comes their way. So rat baits have to be designed well!

Diseases From Rats and Mice:- Rats and mice are notorious for spreading diseases that are communicable. The Bubonic Plague and Typhus Fever are common illnesses. Salmonella in humans is also another typical disease spread by rats. These menacing creatures consume about 10 per cent of their body weight every day. With 30 grams of food being swallowed, rats produce 73,000 droppings and 27 liters of urine. These are terrible and destructive organisms that also cause electrical fires and food contamination.

Rodent Control Methods

  • You should reduce the amount of clutter and garbage stored in your bins at home.
  • Have tight fitting lids on the garbage cans and do not litter the kitchen with food and remaining morsels.
  • Secure the composters at home and cover vents with wires and meshes. Sealing the cracks and openings also keeps mice at bay.

Our mice exterminators employ smart systems that are able to control the rat epidemic inside your home. Free estimate and falt $15 Off Mice Control. Call Now. Available for 24hrs/7 anytime, anywhere in Brampton, Toronto and GTA around.



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