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Squirrels are cute little animals; however, they can be a cause of nuisance for your property. They damage your garden, damage the plants, house and even vehicles. Squirrels are very invasive. They can get trapped in your home and their feces and urine deposits can spread the risk of Salmonella. Therefore, eliminating these rodents requires all your attention and efforts.  In case you are looking for  feasible solutions to get the squirrels out of your house, then here are a few tips to do that:

1. Identify the entry route

Find out the point that the squirrels use to get inside your house. Look for holes in the walls and roof. Squirrels usually make these holes bigger until they can fit in it. Inspect the ventilation system and determine whether this is a potential entry route or not. Once you have found out the entry points then set the traps in those places.

2. Keep the house clean

Keep the kitchen and dining area clean. Regularly dispose of the trash as this can attract squirrels. If you have a pet, then dispose pet food properly and clean the bowl regularly. Use airtight plastic containers to store food items. Do not use cardboard boxes as Squirrels can chew these packaging as destroy the food items.

3. Call the Squirrel removal Service

Trapping a squirrel is not an easy task. To ensure that your house is no longer infested with squirrels, take help from professionals. They can evaluate your problem properly and know the ways to get the correct target. In case you are looking for squirrel removal services in Brampton, then get in touch with us. We are one of the top pest control services in Brampton and provide you with a comprehensive solution. Get in touch with us at citypest.ca/contact.

4. Use Cider Vinegar to Eliminate Squirrels

Many animals are sensitive to particular scents. Squirrels cannot stand the smell of cider vinegar. Soak some small pieces of cloth in cider vinegar and put them in the points which you think are used by the squirrels to enter your house. Put the vinegar soaked cloth pieces in every room. This will ward them off.

5. Use Humane traps

These are a great way to trap squirrels and get them out of your house. These humane traps are specially designed to help you trap the squirrels. Use a one-way door trap. Lure the squirrel inside the trap with food pieces. Once they are trapped, take them at least 3 miles away from your home before releasing them.

6. Seal the Squirrel Entrances

Locate holes in the roof and walls and seal them. Squirrels tend to chew through the soft and rotting wood for entering your house. Inspect the attic and see whether there are any rotting woods or not. Repair them immediately.

Apart from these methods, you can also buy predator urine from the local store and spray it at different points around your house. We hope that these tips will help you get the rodents out of your house.

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