A bed bug infestation can be truly nightmarish for most homeowners. These little pests can bite and suck your blood at night when you are asleep. You have to keep your home safe from these bugs and kill off the eggs and adults inside the home. There are many treatments you can try at home. You also need to use a good amount of boric acid as a safe home remedy for bed bugs. Killing these bed bugs will help you live in peace at home.

  • Place the infested garments on a hanger and put them on the dryer. Use a boric acid spray and cover the garments with this compound. The boric sprays enable the bugs to fall off.
  • Place the garments in the dryer then, and set the heat to about 70 degrees Celsius or more than 160 degree Fahrenheit.

The garments can get dry cleaned and the bugs are killed effectively. Remember to launder the dry clothes later on so that you rid these of the dead bugs and the eggs.

Using a boric spray along with a portable bed heater may also do the trick when it comes to ridding your bed of the bugs. You have to spend about $300 on the entire treatment, so that you can put your sleeping bags, purses and pillows inside it.

  • Heat up the interior and do what it takes to heat the items. The machine will turn itself off when it’s over. Do not use the heater to blow on the entire room.

Note: The boric acid sprays may be pungent and strong, but they can, in combination with the heating, give you results in the long run.


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