To get a control over ants in and around your home is an extremely challenging task. The best home made solution to get rid of ants is with Boric acid. Boric acid, also called hydrogen borate or boracic acid, this chemical is considered as one of the best ways to get ants away from your home. It needs to be mixed with several other ingredients for the best results.

Below mentioned is a step by step procedure of how to kill ants with Boric acid.

What To Mix

Boric acid ant killing agents isn’t effective against every species of ant. Some ants have a sweet tooth while others are more likely to seek out fats and grease.

  • You can mix Boric acid with a couple of different foods so that you can know which ingredient attracts the ants better.
  • Dissolve sugar in water, use jelly or honey, or you could also use peanut butter.
  • Mix 1 tsp Boric acid with 1 cup of the food ingredient as required.

How To Place

  • You can place the solution into different jars such as a baby food jar, with holes punched in the top, bottle caps, drinking straws and wax papers.
  • If using sugar water, it is recommended to pour it over a cotton ball in the bottom of the containers. As ants find their way into the containers, they will definitely get destroyed easily.
  • Place it near their specific place from where you can see the ants coming out from.
  • You can also keep the solutions on window sills or in countertop corners, when you are not sure of the location of the ants.


Home made Boric acid ant killer is a slow poison, as each ant take it back to the colony shares it with only a few of them. In order to reach the queen ant it would take time. This process takes a few days to reduce the count of ants. It can also take about three to four weeks for you to completely get rid of the ants. Hence, it is recommended to change the bait every few days to keep it fresh.

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