It is very obvious that your garden and lawn might be affected by red ants. Spraying of poisonous pesticides in your garden would destroy your plants. So, in order to get rid of the ants from the garden as well as the lawn it is very important to take into consideration these simple steps.

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Proper Maintenance Of Lawn & Garden

Keep your lawn as well as garden healthy and stress free. Maintaining your yard will surely keep away not only ants, but also others pests. Follow the lawn care schedule diligently. A good lawn maintenance practice involves cutting the grass at the right time, feeding the lawn and soil with adequate nutrient it requires. Lastly, water your lawn as well as garden on a regular basis.

Use of Synthetic Pesticides

Spraying synthetic pesticides will help you get rid of ants from lawns as well as the garden area without causing any harm to your plants. Focus on the areas of ant concentration and pour it on the ant nests.

Apply Natural Ant Controller

You can also practice natural ant control. It will be the least expensive method.

  • Take 3 quarts of boiling water and pour it over the ant hill. Once the area dries, mix it in a blender with equal amounts of orange rinds and water. Apply this concoction to the ant hills.
  • You can also mix borax in a jar lid. Place it near the ant hill. The ants get attracted to the sugar solution and bring it back to the ant hill. This helps in destroying the ant hill.

You should always be careful while trying out different ant destroying methods so that you do not cause any harm to your plants and the soil. Or, else the land will become bare.

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