Boiling water is one of the home remedies in getting rid of bedbugs

Image Courtesy: earth-chronicles

Bed bugs are a menace that keep haunting us while we are attending to household chores. Bedbugs can seriously damage our clothes and make our lives a living hell. Most bed bugs disturb us during sleep and need to be sprayed clean with boric acid salt and other residual sprays. Insecticides and other pest control mechanisms can truly work wonders in the long run.

What to Do If Your Clothes are infested With BedBugs

  • If the clothes you wear are infested with bed bugs, it makes sense to dip them in a boiling water tub to kill the last remaining eggs and the adult bugs efficiently.
  • Bed bugs are susceptible to high temperatures and often die given an opportunity in a heated environment. Temperatures ranging in the bracket of 40 to 50 degrees Centigrade, can actually help get rid of these bugs permanently.
  • You can go for a large tumble wash of the clothes infested with the bugs and add scoops of detergent to the wash.

This will enable the bugs to get poisoned and the soaking, though sometimes may be bad for the clothes and their longevity, may help rid of the germs forever. Boiling water is as good as icy cold water to kill these nasty bugs!

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