Bedbugs are a menace that need to be curbed every time you put up in a new hotel room or live in a motel. If you have spent a night in one hotel, you could have been carrying the bed bugs in your luggage after you have left the room. Unlike clothing and washables, the luggage cannot be thrown to the dryer. An exterminator can clear the bed bugs and rid your furniture of any problems.

Here are the 5 important steps that can go on to getting rid of bed bugs from luggage.

  • Tip 1: – For starters, start with emptying your luggage in the open and placing the contents in plastic bags. You can seal these and wash them for later. All the clothing should be washed in hot water with temperatures that go above 120 degrees at least. This temperature is right for all bed bugs to die.


  • Tip 2: – You could take the luggage outside and scrub the clothes with a stiff and hard brush. This is necessary as the egg clusters can be removed better when acted upon in this fashion. The dead bedbugs can then be vacuumed and cleaned.


  • Tip 3: – Buy a pesticide that is specially formulated by mixing the pyrethroid chemicals, such as the pyrethrin and permethrin compounds. For extra potency, you can also use phenothrin, a common pesticide for bed bugs. Once you spray the entire baggage with the pesticide, the bugs will fall off dead.


  • Tip 4: – You can also steam roll each of the garments and clean the luggage as many times as possible. This allow temperatures to kill the bugs and also does not harm the clothes at any point of time.


  • Tip 5: – Finally, you can just about vacuum the clothes and then discard the bed bugs in a vacuum bag. The bag can then be wrapped around a garbage bag and knots tied to ensure the bugs don’t escape. You can also help the garments dry out in the sun and allow the pests to flee because of rising temperatures.


Bed bugs can cause severe rashes when they come in contact with the skin. These bugs can also cause a lot of allergies in our bodies. They should be eliminated effectively and kept at bay. When travelling, most of us become more prone to such bug infestations in our luggage. Cleanliness and a lot care thus needs to be undertaken to stop these bugs from creating havoc.

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