If you want to eliminate bed bugs from the mattress, you need to be well aware of the mechanisms to keep your bedding safe and secure. Before you start off with any procedure, you need to be absolutely clear about the pretreatment procedures to killing off bed bugs. Inspect the mattress in broad daylight and take it to the terrace of your home. You can also spread it across in the verandah and allow the bugs to escape because of the heat.

  • Do not keep stuffed items like toys and blankets on the mattress. Ensure you use a vacuum cleaner to wipe the pests away. The insecticide strips available in the medicine shop are enough to wash the mattress off.


  • Try and get the bed frames dismantled and allow the infested areas to be kept under extreme heat. Make sure that you remove the extra layer of cushions and clothing. The added layers of dressers and drawers should be cleaned and fumigated. This will allow the furniture to be free of any insect attack from the myriad hiding sites.


  • Allow the box spring to stand erect and shine a flashlight through the gauze. This fabric when exposed to sunlight will expose bed bugs. The fabric could be torn and that will in all ways attracts a large number of bed bugs. Spray a good amount of insecticides and cover the encasements in the bed. Keep these on for more than a year. This should prevent bed bugs from spreading again next season.


  • Use a garment brush to swipe clean the mattress and ensure that the brush is stiff and hard. Active bedbugs will find it increasingly tough to survive in a mattress that is wiped and shaken clean every day.


  • You can also subject the mattress to steam treatments, however, most mattresses may not be that tough and the materials may not be sturdy enough to withstand the heat. The inner rubbers or the foam might get damaged. So it is always advisable that you follow good advice before you embark on cleaning it.


  • Try and use strong naphthalene balls and spread them across the mattress. You should be able to keep the mattress away from damp environments once you have successfully purged a bed bug attack. Using a plastic to cover it and then placing it on the bed stand is an ideal solution in the long run. Finally, do not eat on the bed and throw food crumbs or particles on the bed. This may also cause a pest attack.
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