Bed bug infestations can hit the clothes you wear regularly. Bed bugs travel in suitcases and may get transferred from clothes to other areas of the house. As a homeowner, you may be distressed at the sight of these bed bugs. In case your clothes have found themselves as the ideal breeding ground for bed bugs, then you should do the following things to get rid of them:

1. Spray and rub the clothing with a laundry alcohol. Rubbing the alcohol will lead to elimination of the bed bugs effectively and you can bag the dead pests are throw them away.

2. You must separate the infested items from the other luggage and get the clothes out without the shoes and the electronic goods.

  • Make sure that the jewelry is also removed before you wrap the clothes and place them in plastic bags.
  • Heat at least till 120 F and then freeze the clothes at subzero temperatures immediately after.


This cold treatment will help you kill the larvae and eggs of the bed bugs.

3. Place the clothes on the terrace when the sunlight is at its peak. This will be help you rid your clothes from bedbugs. Use a Laundromat and spray the insecticide on the clothes to achieve clean and tidy garments that look brand new. You can also contact pest specialists in case the problem is a little serious.

4.You can also dip the garments in hot water at a temperature that is too hot for the bed bugs to survive. Make sure the fabric can sustain the hot water treatment. If you have a steamer, try and spray the hot steam over the clothes and seal the items in an air tight bag.

5. You can also use a detergent or even a bleach when washing the clothes in lukewarm water. The fabric softeners work as poison and kill the pests. Items that cannot be washed but are nevertheless infested with bed bugs need to be placed in dryer units that have medium to high temperature settings. This is ideal and will kill the pests for good.

6. Always spray the residual insecticides found in medicine shops in your clothing.

7. If all else fails, vacuuming is a great option. This will be able to get rid of the bugs. After the purge, you should place the clothes in air tight, zip locked plastic bags.

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