Before you actually get the services of an extermination company to try control the pest epidemic, you should be able to identify the pest problem in your home in the first place. There could be a mice infestation where insects and bugs may be a predominant problem with all the feeding sites and entry points identified and then eliminated.

Here Are The Top 6 Ways In Which Mice Can Be Eliminated And Removed From Attacking Your Home:

1. To start off with, try and close the feeding sites and entry points in the house. You should remove all food sources and keep inside the fridge and the metal containers with tight lids.

  • The trash cans should be kept tightly closed with the lids on.
  • These along with the countertops and kitchen floors must be kept clean and dry.
  • The cracks and vents, holes and crevices must be sealed and steel and concrete reinforced to avoid any influx of mice into the home.

2. You can start off with home extermination techniques that are fool proof in the long run. These may be baits and traps. The snap traps can be truly dangerous to begin with if not placed properly. You need to bring in good quality snap traps if you really want to remove all mice from home.

3. Glue traps are also a great way of curbing the mice epidemic. These need a good placement inside the home and you need to know the mouse habits intricately before you opt for the glue baiting techniques.

4. You also need to have a good amount careful inspection before you get to spraying the mouse repellent sprays. These should be sprayed around the harborage areas and the food sources should be removed. Exclusion techniques and long term prevention are the key here.

5. You can also use electronic mouse repellents that use a high frequency sound to drive out mice away from food sources so that nesting grounds are destroyed. These sonic and ultrasound devices help deter the mouse from entering the house and these are effective in rodent control.

6. Live catch traps are also a great way to kill mice. These traps help homeowners to catch the mice at home and stop them from returning at all. Regardless of the kinds of these traps, they still remain the most traditional technique is catching home mice.

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