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About flies and flying insects:- There are many flying insects and pests that live in quite a close proximity of garbage and other breeding areas. The food substances and decaying matter often are the reasons why flying insects and flies originate in the first place. Moist and warm, decayed matter attracts flies. Bees on the other hand are the kinds of flying insects that grow in hives in large numbers. Drains and slab floors, pans and sinks, soil and garden pools often attract these flies and flying insects.

The Life cycle:- There are about 3 types of bees that are found in the Greater Toronto Area. The nests and hives often can be found in crannies and nooks, brick crevices and hollows in the basement. The flies too may infest around stored water resources and cause food and water contamination. A host of bee stings can prove to be deadly too, especially when these insects are mating.

How Flies Spread the Disease:- When flies feed on garbage, they collect the pathogens in their mouths and legs. These are then transferred to the fresh food on the counters and kitchens inside our homes. The flies then transmit the pathogens and regurgitate on solid food and then consume the liquid. This transmits diseases and cause vomiting, blood infections, fever and stomach troubles. Many people are also allergic to bees and the sting may be fatal too. There should be a flies and flying insect removal service handy in the Toronto Area.

Preventive Measures


  • There are a few ways in which you can actually prevent a flying insect epidemic from reaching your home. Keep the doors and the windows shut during the moist and warm weather conditions. A lot of bees and flies also pollinate during the summer months. This leads to the proliferation of the species.
  • Standing water tables and uncovered food often attracts these pests. It makes sense to screen the windows and doors with wires meshes.
  • You should also keep the vents closed/ the garbage bags should be tightly covered and ask for the exterminators to come to you in times of great trouble.

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