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If you call in the pest control for fleas at City Pest Control Inc, you can be assured of the results. You should maintain good hygiene both for yourself and even your pets. There are particular chemicals that can be used for flea washes and curbing infestations. The most common method we apply is that of the application of the synthetic pyrethroid insecticides on all surfaces and flea infested harbors. Severe treatments may also include the use of potent chemicals. We offer the most reliable and efficient flea control measures in the Brampton, Greater Toronto Area In Ontario. With a vast pool of expert exterminators, we offer amazing service at the click of a button. We also offer discounts to seniors and charge nothing extra over the weekends. We offer this service in the GTA and the localized regions near Toronto.

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More About Fleas

Fleas are blood sucking insects that thrive in warm and humid conditions. They can infest and multiply both indoors and even outdoors. The female flea can lay 8 eggs after a blood sucking meal and a lot of the indoor pets such as cats, dogs and birds are the host animals. After laying more than hundred eggs in her lifetime, a flea dies. The bites and infestation often leads to irritation in pet animals and cause terrible diseases such as the Bubonic Plague to be transmitted in humans causing painful death. There are about 4 stages in the life cycle of a flea. These include the egg, larvae, pupa and the adult. Depending on the environmental temperature and humidity, the fleas survive from a couple of weeks to about 2 months. Flea control and extermination remains critical as most pets often have severe skin rashes and troubles that may get exacerbated in the long run. These fleas can be transferred to the human skin through touch and cause health hazards and diseases. Flea infestations often can be benign but in a lot of cases cause menacing problems.

Fleas Control Methods

You need to keep the pets clean and dry. You should also use vacuum bags after a cleaning session and use a humidifier over the pet. Treat adult fleas with sprays and spot on medications but many flea infestations are hard to eliminate.

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