Bed bugs hide in the most unlikely of places and can cause a lot of damage to furniture and mattresses. Treating furniture and mattresses for such an epidemic is a must and consist of using a combination of chemicals. These can act as the passive traps that help prevent the bed bugs from hiding back.

How to Check For Bed Bugs In Couch


  • Start off with a search light or a flash light that can help you spot the bug eggs and the bugs themselves. A pair of the nitrile gloves and a magnifying glass should be enough to investigate the extent of the infestation.
  • Start off by inspecting the layers of cushions in the bed and the couch. Bed bugs have a big tendency to hide and squeeze into small spaces.
  • The tiniest of corners in the edges of mattresses and cushions should not be spared and left untreated. Trace the zippers and the seams using the flashlight and the credit card! With the tons of cracks and crevices, look for the bottom of the couch and remove the dust covers.

Easy Steps In Getting Rid of Bedbugs From Couch

Vaccuming: Another effective method to remove bed bugs is to vacuum them. Begin this by picking up on the bed bugs and bed bug feces. Check for the eggs along the cracks and crevices of the sofa and the mattress.


Apply residual chemicals: Another very good option is to steam and apply residual chemicals. Use a shake free bag to carry the dead bed bugs and allow the bed bugs to be effectively killed systematically. Using a residual spray after you stem clean the couch or the sofa is a great way to finish. Take advantage of the pin point nozzles, a microfiber cloth and wrap it around the head of the accessory with a rubber band. The cloth allows the pressure to be broken up and builds up the temperature of the tip. Try reading a manual and spray the residual spray after the fan is turned on.


Use Talcum Powder: Finally, allow for the four legs of the couch to stand upon the climb up interceptors. These act as the lure for bed bugs which come out of the hiding spaces and fall on the pitfall trap. Have a thin coat of talcum powder along the legs to help stop the bed bugs to climb up the couch. This is the final step in accumulating the dead pests after the steaming is completed.

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