Bird’s Nest Removal Services In Brampton, Toronto, GTA

Birds are well loved and can be the harbinger of balance in the eco system around us. However, these birds can be very pesky and troublesome when they nest on our properties without anyone noticing it. There are typically found in the roofs, cellars and the gardens that provide warmth and moisture along with food in the long term. The problem of bird mites may also arise indirectly because of the birds themselves. There are many issues that are associated with bird nests and it is imperative that the bird nests are removed safely and securely. Bird nest removal is one of our specialties and our expert exterminators humanely remove all the birds. The nesting materials and debris are properly removed and all entry points sealed well in advance. We also carry out complete cleaning and disinfecting. The odors and the mites are also sprayed upon and additionally, we carry out the hazmat and eaves trough cleaning routines

Our Areas of work: We at City Pest Control, have a regular client base among all residential and commercial home owners in Brampton Area. Our birds nest removal technicians serve the Halton and Peel areas along with York and Durham areas in Toronto. Our technicians will offer you a discount if you are a senior client and offer you additional charges over the weekend. With over 20 years of expertise, we are your best bet against birds nest removal in Brampton.

Case Study: Bird Removal From Dryer Vent and Saving the Bird’s Live

This bird enter through the dryer vent. This bird is stuck in the dryer. The customer call us to remove the bird from the dryer. We open the dryer vent and remove the bird. Our customer was very happy to see this bird is alive. We safe the bird’s life.

Case Study: Removal Of  Bird’s Nest From Kitchen’s Vent

This is our another case case study of removing bird’s nest from kitchen vent. We have done this job we done for one of our client in Toronto. We have received the complaint from the client to remove the birds nest from kitchen’s exterior vent which is more than 20 feet high. At first our exterminator removed the nest from the vent and cleaned properly, then proceeded in spraying to make sure that there is no bird mites

Problems with Birds’ nests:- Some of the most common birds found in the Greater Toronto Area are the pigeons and Canada geese, sparrows and starlings, seagulls and woodpeckers. These birds create nests in exhaust vents and bathroom lofts, soffits and attics.

  • This results in blockages in ventilation systems and structural damages. Sometimes snapped wires may lead to short circuits and fires inside the house.
  • There could also be food contamination and damage done to vehicles and their exteriors.
  • There are a lot of health issues that you may face because of bird nests in your home. These include water borne diseases and health issues such as E coli and Salmonella.

Our Service:- Book our bird removal experts via a telephonic appointment or even drop us a filled up online form that will help us get in touch with you. We will undertake a thorough inspection and will deliver results with the most cost effective option. A lot of blood feeding insects such as lice and fleas, mosquitoes and ticks also can spread to the human population quite easily.

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