Bedbugs are disgusting insects, period! It’s not surprising if even imagining a colony of bed bugs roaming around inside your bed gives you the creeps! Unfortunately, there are many homeowners in Canada, who do not realise that they have these parasites using their beds and sofa cushions as nesting grounds. What if you are one of them? Watch out for these telltale signs that these nasty bugs are in the process of turning your home into their permanent nest.

Signs of bedbug infestation

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1. Bloodstains on Bed

Sure, mosquitoes and a few species of spiders also draw blood from human beings, but rarely does any of them leave behind bloodstains. If you notice a large blood spatter, chances are you offed one of the bugs while it was in the process of digesting a hearty meal of your warm blood.

2. Bedbug Droppings

Ever seen flea droppings? They are black in colour and look like small specks of dirt. Bedbug feces doesn’t look much different from that. So, if you notice lots of small, black clumps near your bed, watch out!

3. Bedbug Husks

Just like spiders, bed bugs shed their skin several times as they grow older. The fragile exoskeletons they leave behind while doing so is rather easy to spot. Suffice to say, if you see even one of these in your home, you should pick up that phone and dial the number of an exterminator, immediately!

4. Sickly Sweet Smell

Know what coriander smells like? If you don’t, then you should visit the local supermarket and get a whiff of this aromatic herb. Unless you have a large stock of this stuff in your kitchen and are still getting this fragrance in your home, chances are you have a bedbug infestation.


If you spot signs of a bedbug infestation, be sure to call professional exterminators, ASAP. Home remedies can keep the bugs at bay for a few days, but for a long term solution, you need professional assistance, for sure. Call us at +416 740 7707

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