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Carpenter ants are also widely known as the sugar ants that chew on the dead and damp wood. They do not consume wood extensively like termites but are capable of hollowing sections of many garden trees. These ants infest on wooden furniture and structures, causing a nuisance at home. Carpenter ants do not chew on wood but rather damage it irreparably. There are about a 1000 species of carpenter ants in North America and Canada. If you are looking at a reliable and effective ant removal service in Brampton, Toronto or in surrounding GTA, then give us a call at City Pest Control Inc. We are an inexpensive and environmentally friendly pest control agency that has been servicing clients in the Brampton area for all types of ant control more than 20 years. The carpenter ants extermination services at our agency is one of the finest you will get in Brampton and at a best rate. Our exterminators are helpful and friendly, easy going and very dedicated to their craft.

Ants And Carpenter Ants Removal Techniques From City Pest Control Inc

The ant removal service we offer in Brampton, Toronto and surrounding GTA have the most impact on the ant infestation in your home or even the outdoors.

  • Your family and live and breathe easy with almost no impact on the overall health and living of the family.
  • Your pets can breathe easy and not feel scared at any time of the extermination process. Most of the ants that you do not see on the surface are the ones causing the most damage.
  • We believe in total extermination of these dreadful ants and guarantee services that are for one time, monthly, exteriors and interiors.

The best way to control the carpenter ants infestation is through a thorough inspection. These ants can be located outside and are simply involved in foraging on the insides of your home. A satellite colony might be located inside your home.

Creating Bait for Pharaoh Ants In Bathroom For One Of Our Client In Brampton

Prevention Guidelines For Carpenter Ants: – The best way to prevent any ant infestation from getting the better from you is to ant-proof your home and yard. You should be able to clear the garden rot and lumber piles. Carpenter ants also survive in damp weather, you have to ensure there are no plumbing leaks. We at City Pest inspect the trails and have designed special ant baits that help attract these carpenter ants. We use the non-repellent insecticides as the baits and also remove the other food resources that are commonly found at home. This helps in reducing the interference while baiting the ants. With the bait technique, we have also adopted the search and destroy method that helps in countering the carpenter ant problem at your home. These methods are better than the conventional spraying techniques and are much more effective. Contact us through our online contact form to help us get in touch with within 24 hours for ant control service in Brampton, Toronto and GTA around. You can also call us at 416-410-2786.

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