Though wasps are pretty helpful in keeping the ecology clean and they eat up other insects, they can also be quite intimidating. A wasp’s sting can be quite painful and might cause a persistent irritation. It can also be a threat to those who are allergic to the venom. This blog will take you through some very interesting facts about wasp for preschoolers.



  • A normal wasp sting can be treated by spraying deodorant that contains aluminum. So, if you get stung by a wasp, don’t freak out. Simply spray a little deo and the sting will be neutralized.
  • Never ignore the sting of a wasp because in certain rare cases it has been found that those who are allergic to wasp stings goes through anaphylactic shock and that can be fatal. Though it’s not serious but you should always get it treated.
  • Swatting a wasp in front of its nest or another wasp can call for trouble. The sting of a wasp contains a substance called pheromone which makes other wasps more aggressive. So, if you swat one in front of another, the chances of getting attacked increases. Hence, if you locate a wasp nest in your garden then opt for professional wasp nest removal services.
  • A male wasp is often called a drone. Shortly after they mate with the female (queen) they die. That is how the normal life cycle of a drone is.
  • Wasps are known to live according to a self-contained community. They follow a caste order that comprises of queens, drones and worker wasps.
  • In the late summer, the wasp colony produces numerous drones and queens. The males fly thereafter to mate with queens, while the queens look for a place to hibernate. Eventually with the onset of the winter they all die. So, if during the summer you find wasp colonies in your garden and want it to be removed, call for professional pest control services for wasps.
  • The only kind of wasps that survive in the winter are the young and fertilized queens. The queen lays eggs and then when they hatch into larvae, she feeds them until they become workers.

These are some of the interesting aspects of wasps. Those looking to get rid of wasps from their surroundings, should not mess around because they can be really dangerous. Call for a professional Wasp nest removal services for quick results.

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