Wingless and creepy fleas can really give your pet a sleepless night. Most of these fleas love to survive on warm vertebrates and breed countless number of times given the right conditions.

Here Are 5 More Home Remedies That Help In Getting Rid Of Fleas In Pets

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1. You can make use of the flea trap remedies available at home. A good dish washing liquid is a great way of preventing insects from infesting the dog or the pet.

  • Put in a few drops of dish washing liquid into the bathing water and then apply it on the dog.

This will kill the fleas and create a much healthy environment for your pet.

2. Catch hold of a herbal flea spray that helps in scaring away fleas. The herbal sprays are relatively harmless for humans and are made of lemon juice and witch hazel. This combination is very good for the pet and is a great way to keep your pets in good humor. You can also use vacuums to extract the dead fleas after the flea spray is applied.

3. You can also use table salt to get rid of tough fleas. These are a great menace to pets and cause a lot of skin issues. You can use salt as a dehydration agent and then cause the fleas to die. The bodies often die out and the dry skin in your pet promotes the death of these parasites.

4. You can also use a good amount of boric acid salt and rub it on the pet’s body. This salt acts as a dessicant and is a great dehydrating agent that kills the fleas by sucking the water out of their bodies. The damage done to pets is minimal and the larvae and eggs are also carefully exterminated.

5. The last way of killing pet fleas is through the application of the Diatomaceous Earth or the DE. These are microscopic remains of the fossilized algae better known as diatoms.

  • The cell walls of these diatoms are made of active ingredients such as silica and this is glass in layman’s terms.
  • The silica shards cut through the flea skin and kills them drastically.
  • The dehydration caused by it also prevents the birth of new fleas in the body. Shards are non toxic for the animal skin but are deadly for fleas.

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