If you love your dog, you would like to keep in healthy and clean. There are many natural medications such as flea and tick preventatives that are able to prevent the growth of these menacing pests. The potential danger from these flea exterminators, chemical and otherwise is quite big. A lot of times, small children often touch the pets, these then cause a lot of poisoning in the pets. Harmful diseases and side effects can then cause a lot of problems in children and you may have to face a lot of troubles.

Here Are The Top 5 Herbal And Natural Ways Of Keeping The Beasties Away In The Long Run:

1. Use the flea collar to ward off pests in pets. It is often a great way to ward off fleas and you need to apply a topical solution of cedar oil, lavender oil and water. These chosen oils should be applied to the collar and you should rub the sides of the collar with your hands. This should be then tied around the collar of the dog. In case, the pet has some fleas stuck to its tail, apply olive oil liberally on the tail.

Flea Collar for Dogs

Image Courtesy: thehappypooch.com

2.You should also use a flea deterring drink along side remedies at home. The pets should be fed a daily dose of milk that has 1 teaspoon of distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar. You can also add this composition to the drinking water. This significantly improves the skin of the pet and the coat condition is free of fleas.

3. You should use a flea comb that has lemon and limonene. This is a chemical that is able to kill fleas and many times repel it.

4. If you also want the pet to get a gleaming finish, you need to use the flea spray generously and wait till the solution takes action to repel fleas.

5. You can also opt for the flea gone bag. This is a sachet that has a pleasant smell but drives the fleas away from pets. For most humans, the smell is beautiful.

In case you want to keep your pet healthy and comfortable, it makes sense to wash him or her regularly at home. This process should be carried out till the flea attacks noticeably changes and lessens.

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