Growing vegetables in the garden is almost a dream come true for many avid gardeners and home owners. If you are a gardener with a zest for growing vegetables in the backyard, then you should be careful about the pests and insects that may harm the flora and fauna. With a great deal of work and effort, you can actually begin the process of permaculture or use of organic sprays to control pests. The need for integrated pest management is paramount today. You can use a lot of strategies that might just prevent worms and pests from attacking your lush vegetation.


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Here Are a Few Of The Things You Can Do:

  • In case you have a large garden, you should nurture and have animal predators such as frogs and ducks, which eat wasps and snails, slugs and other pests. Many frogs and birds also eat the caterpillars that may ruin the wood and the flowers in the garden. Vegetables also face a serious threat from other pests. If you use limy sprays, it can be a great way to deter these for the longest of times.
  • Mixed planting of fruits and orchards in your backyard is a great way to counter predatory species. The buck wheat plants often attracts the hoverflies which are in general, beneficial for protecting aphids and leafhoppers. Even mealy bugs can be deterred by the growth of hoverflies.
  • You can also indulge in some companion planting that help save the vegetation in your garden. Some sound management and husbandry in order to discourage the leaf pests in the garden is also welcome.
  • You can also lay the insect traps, which are vital to track the pests when they attack your gardens. A variety of plants can also be grown to trap pests and limit the growth of aquatic weeds. You can also create mechanical barriers and handpick insects and snails, by creating a sticky and wet base of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly around fruit trees to prevent the climbing insects from attacking the plants.
  • Finally, the idea of rotating your crops, is a great attempt at fighting insects. With the added benefit of the nutrient and fertilizer balance in the soil, most garden vegetables respond to high levels to animal manures that have some insect repelling qualities when used in certain quantities.
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