Fruit flies though not as harmful as other houseflies but are extremely gross to be present in your environment. They carry a certain type of bacteria that contaminates your freshly bought fruits and vegetables. They have a life span of over 14 days and a female fruit fly is said to lay around 100 eggs every day. Seeing their rapid growth, it is very important to take preventive measures, in order to get rid of them as soon as possible. Here, are 5 simple tips that will help you get rid of fruit flies.

1. Keep Your Kitchen Counter Clean

Fruit flies get attracted to the moist area and fermented odor. So, any spillage in your kitchen counter is sure to get infested with fruit flies. To avoid this from happening, we advise you to wipe the kitchen counter regularly once every day. This will prevent the area from becoming a preferred place of fruit flies.

2. Dispose Off Garbage Regularly

Storing garbage in the cans or dustbins for a long period of time invites fruit flies. So, disposing off garbage regularly and cleaning the bins, will prevent fruit flies from breeding. Moreover, if you have vegetable and meat scraps remaining, it is recommended not to keep it in the open. Either dispose it as soon as possible or refrigerate it.

3. Keep The Fruit Bowl Covered

Fruit flies love feasting on fruits. They get attracted to mostly citrus fruits or the one that are subject to ripen fast. So, it is recommended that whenever you keep fresh fruits within your reach, for instant snacking, you should keep it in a covered bowl. If fruits have over ripened then storing them in the refrigerator will be the best idea.

4. Control Bad Odor

Your home can be subjected to bad odor, if you do not cover garbage cans, clean the drains, or wash the dishes and sink. It is very important to prevent bad odor from spreading in your home as it attracts fruit flies. To do so, you will need to clean your dishes the very time you place it in the sink. Piling up dirty dishes will spread a bad odor, thus inviting fruit flies. You can also use baking soda to clean up the drains as well as kill the fruit flies present there.

5. Install Window And Door Screens

Installing window and door screens in your residence will prevent fruit flies from entering your home and residing there.For further information on pest infestation and control, contact City Pest Control. We offer 24X7 help to our clients.

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