Is your home attacked by ants? Can you figure out how long it has been? The process of ant extermination is a bit difficult, but an important step to consider. There are certain chemicals that help you get rid of ants fast and quick. But treating ants chemically is not the right way the reason being it is not safe.

Getting rid of ants the natural way is the best solution to your problem. Here, are a few natural remedies that you can apply.

1. Vinegar

Getting rid of ants with the help of vinegar is one of the most effective ways. If you spray vinegar on the entry paths of the ants, it spreads a strong scent that repels the ants. Spray vinegar on all the entrance paths of the ants that you suspect. All you need to do is, mix water with vinegar in equal amounts and pour it into a spray bottle.

2. Mint

Used mint tea bags also help keep you home away from ants. Placing the tea bags at the entry points will repel ants. If you do not drink mint tea, you can also make use of dried mint leaves. Crush the leaves into powder and then sprinkle it on the entry points.

3. Pepper

Pepper is another alternative to mint and vinegar. Be it cayenne pepper powder or black pepper powder, both work wonders. Mix pepper with water and spray it on the ants, this makes them disappear and never explore your home once again.

4. Soap

Soap is easily available in every household. Soaps contains such components that are harmful to all type of ants. When ants come in contact with soapy water, they break down in wavy layers due to dehydration.

5. Scented Items

Scented items such as perfume or baby powder also work as ant repellents. Sprinkle some powder or spray some perfume on the entry points to keeps ants away from your home.

The methods are most effective when ants are in less quantities. If your home is heavily attacked with ants, calling for a pest control service will be a great idea. Contact City Pest Inc at the Brampton office and book for an appointment. For further information, log on to

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