Ants belong to the eusocial insects of the family Formicidae. They evolved from the ancestors that resembled wasps during the mid-Cretaceous period. There are different ways in which ants have proved to be superior to humans. Here, we are going to discuss 5 fascinating facts about the ants.

amazing facts on ant

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Fact # 1: With The Help Of The Mandibles, Ants Can Carry Up To Objects 50 Times Their Own Body Weight!

Ants are diminutive in size. For this reason, their muscles are thicker than large animals or even humans. The ratio of their size to muscle thickness enables them to carry larger objects.

Fact # 2: The Total Biomass Of All The Ants On The Earth Is Roughly Equal To That Of People!

We all think this isn’t possible. But the truth was revealed in the book named “Tripping Back Blue” by Kara Storti. According to this book, scientists have estimated that for every human being there are at least 1.5 million ants on the planet.

Fact # 3: Ants Of One Species Enslave The Other And Keep Them Captive To Make Them Work For The Colony!

Apart from this, the honeypot ants also take ants of their own species from foreign colonies as captives. The Amazon ants also known as the Polyergus queens attack the Formica ants. The Amazon queen kills the Formica queen and then captivates the Formica workers.

Fact # 4: In exchange for food and shelter, certain ant species defend plants!

Myrmecophytes or the ant plants offer shelter to ants and feed them as well. It features a hollow on thorns, stems and even leaf petioles that provide shelter to ants. The plant also produces sugary secretions on which the ant feeds. But what do the plants get in return? The ants defend the plants from attacks of herbivorous mammals and insects.

Fact # 5: Ants lived since the evolution of dinosaur!

Ants are said to evolve some 130 million years ago. The fossil of now extinct ant species Sphercomymra freyi was found in the Cliffwood Beach in New Jersey that dated back to 92 million years ago.

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