Ants are one of the most widespread pests in our home. According to The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, there are over 12,400 species of ants all across the globe. However, there are several species that can cause you great discomfort. Among them are Carpenter Ants. They can cause significant damage to the wooden items in your home. However, there are many lesser known facts about these ants.

Over here, we have compiled a list of ten interesting facts about the carpenter ants that you might be interested in knowing:

1. Do you know why these ants are called carpenter ants? This is because they make burrows in wood. Unlike termites, which feed on wood, carpenter ants do not eat wood. They will destroy your woodwork by making tunnels for their home.

2. Carpenter ants prefer moist and warm environment. They can survive anywhere. All they need is damp, decaying or hollow wood. They cut into the wood making galleries that are connected with passageways allowing them to move between sections.

3. The queen has a lifespan of 25 years. She lays 9 to 16 eggs during the first year of her life cycle.

4. The length of a carpenter ant vary from 3.4 millimeters to 13 millimeters. A colony of carpenter ants contains ants of different size. This depends on the division of caste and responsibility.

5. There are various species of carpenter ants. The most common one is the black carpenter ant. Colors vary from brown, jet-black, orange, yellow to light brown.

6. A colony of carpenter ants can contain almost 2,000 worker ants.

7. A colony of carpenter ants is raised by a single queen. The queen builds her nest in a hollow wood. From the eggs laid during her first life cycle, she raises the first set of workers.

8. The workers are assigned with different jobs such as collecting food and feeding the next generation. The colony grows at a rapid pace.

9. Carpenter ants keep their tunnels smooth and the worker ants burrow tunnels mostly during night.

10. These ants have a set of antennae and two wings.

These ten facts will help you to get a better idea about the carpenter ants. Have you seen these ants in your home recently? If yes, then don’t delay and get professional help. You can get in touch with us immediately. Our experts will help you in carpenter ants pest control and eliminate them from your household. Get in touch with us today at

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