Things Not To Do When You Find Out About Bedbugs

Bed bugs are commonly found in your resting and relaxing areas. Once you discover about them, it is very important to take the correct preventive measures and get rid of them as soon as possible. But, there are some steps you should not consider.Here, is a list of such Don’ts that you should avoid when you have find out about bed bug infestation.

1. Do Not Shift Your Place Of Sleeping

Bed bugs like feeding on human blood. So, when you have found out that your bedroom is infested by bed bugs, it is recommended to not to move to a different room. When you do, it may happen that the bed bug follows you to that room and starts breeding there. To avoid this from happening, we recommend that you should stay in the same room during the treatment.

2. Do Not Throw Infested Furniture

Throwing out infested furniture in the open may spread bed bugs all over. So, it is recommended not to throw out the furniture without consulting a pest control officer. If doing so is needed, then seek help and advice from the professionals.

3. Do Not Treat Using Chemicals

Bed bugs behave strongly against pesticides. They might disperse but will not get killed. So, using any kind of pesticides by yourself is not recommended. Opt for a professional help during this situation. Randomly spraying will spread the bed bugs in your home that will later turn out difficult for pest control officers to treat.

4. Do Not Assume That Only Your Bed Is Infested

Bed bugs do not only breed on your bed but other furniture as well. This includes the sofa, light fixtures, crack and crevices, baseboards, and many such areas. So, a proper inspection of your home should be conducted to exactly know the places where bed bugs have infested.

5. Do Not Assume That The Treatment Will Finish Overnight

If you have employed a pest control officer to get rid of bed bugs, then it is important to understand that the treatment is not done overnight. Though the bites will decrease eventually, but, the treatment should be carried out for two more weeks after the first one. This ensures a complete evacuation of bed bugs from your home.

We recommend you to keep these points in mind and take the correct measures to treat bed bugs. For further information, contact City Pest Control Inc. We offer 24X7 services to our clients.