Most spiders are harmless, but finding spiders near your little one’s crib is a nightmare. Even a tiny spider bite on the skin of your baby leaves a red bump that is prone to itching. Here, are a few baby safe methods that will definitely help you to keep spiders away from your baby.


Black Spider that frightened little miss Muffet. Image courtesy:

Keep It Clean

Dirt and dust attract nesting areas for spiders, thus it is necessary to vacuum your baby’s room and crib area. Use a dust mop to reach the corners of the ceiling so that you can remove spider webs and cobwebs.

Solution Of Lavender And White Vinegar

Mix 2 tablespoons of lavender with 6 tablespoons of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Essential oils are known to attract spiders, thus work as a great insect repellent. Spraying it under the crib and along the legs of the crib, will keep away spiders and leave the room smelling fresh.

Use Of Lemon Juice

Spiders repel from anything that is citrus. So, rubbing citrus peels on the legs of the baby’s crib will help to keep spiders away. You can also use lemon scented furniture polish.


Chestnuts prevent spiders from entering the home. You can keep some chestnuts on the window sills in order to keep spiders away from your little one’s room.

Seal The Cracks

Cracks promotes the entry of any insect. Sealing the crack with a silicone caulk helps to block the entry path of spiders. So, repairing damaged ceiling is a must.