Having bedbugs in your car can thoroughly ruin the experience of driving, both for you and your family. How are you supposed to enjoy driving when you have to constantly slap at itchy spots every few minutes or so? What’s even worse is that your car has plenty of spots where a bedbug, or rather, a colony of them, can easily hide.

From the seams of the upholstery to the glove compartment – your car can house hundreds, or even thousands of bedbugs, and help them thrive. Time to put a stop to it. However, before you can do that, you need to find out whether you really have an infestation in your car. Here’s how you can do that:

3 telltale signs of bedbug infestation in your car


  • Blood spatters on the seats is a major indication that you may have bedbugs nesting in your car.
  • Small, black clumps of musty-smelling particles around the seams of upholstery is an indication that bed bugs may inhabit your car.
  • Bedbug husks or exoskeletons on the seats is obviously a sure shot indication of an infestation.


If you spot any or all of these indications that bedbugs might be in your car, you should contact a provider of bedbug removal services immediately. There are quite a few processes, which can be followed to kill bed bugs, depending on whether or not your kids and pets travel with you in the car. These include:


  • Steam cleaning – This is a highly efficient process, as it kills bedbugs, and destroys their eggs as well. Once the extermination is complete, the insides of the car are given a once over with a vacuum cleaner to remove all husks and egg shells left behind.
  • Application of pesticides – This should not be done if your kids and pets travel with you, as the chemical pesticides can harm them in different ways. That said, it is a highly efficient process.
  • Diatomaceous earth treatment – Diatomaceous earth absorbs all moisture from bed bugs, killing them through rapid dehydration. What’s more – it does not harm your kids or pets. However, the treatment may be a little more expensive than other processes.


So, what are you waiting for? Check your car for signs of bedbug infestation and get rid of those quickly. Call us at 416-740-7707 to get started.