How Do You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs With Salt Treatments?

Bed bugs and their eggs can truly disturb you while you sleep. These bugs usually hide in your mattress and create havoc with your box spring and pillows. You need certified mattress encasements to help stop this menace that robs you of your precious sleep.

Here Are A Few Ways To Prevent The Bed Bugs From Wreaking A Damage In Your Home.


1. Try and envelope the mattress with abed encasement and spray it with salt. Often, this acts as a very good treatment and cuts off the feeding source of these bugs effectively. You should often be careful of the legs of your bed and stay aware if the bed bugs have managed to enter the walls and the carpet too. Sometimes, these bugs also hide in the furniture.


2. Steam your entire room and clean the bugs that die off because of it. The edges of the carpet, wood cracks and even picture frames are hiding spots. Even books and magazines can be a source of great trouble. Clean and de-clutter first, after which you should vacuum and spray the areas with common salt. If this gets messy, try using a vaporizing cleaner that might do the trick.


3. Finally, use a salt based contact spray that kills the pests immediately. There are good residual sprays too that might be very good to use. Try and seal the entry points to kill the bed bugs. A lot of homes that have vegetation outside, may have an infestation of bed bugs. Use residual sprays that when applied with contact sprays will be able to protect your home from any further attack from bed bugs. The salt treatments may work up to 12 weeks or a little more. Try getting expert attention for further upkeep!