Always Hire Professionals To Remove Carpenter Ants

Getting rid of carpenter ants is not a very easy task. These large, dark colored insects are often seen with a pair of wings and a bent antenna. There are two types of carpenter ants, one with black body and the other with a red body. There is a common misconception that these ants feed on wood. However, the fact is these ants simply bore a hole on wooden furniture and live there. Needless to say, that damages furniture.

If your house has been a breeding ground for these creatures then you should opt for carpenter ants control services from professionals in order to stop the damage quickly.

Why is it Important to Hire Professionals To Remove Carpenter ants?

  • There are a few ways in which you can get rid of carpenter ants. However, it is found that these ants keep coming back. The prime reason is that they breed really fast and if you miss even one place while eliminating them, then that will again multiply fast. This is why professional carpenter ants control services is so useful.
  • These professionals are adept in controlling carpenter ants and know exactly where they can breed. They will check each and every crack and damp area in your house, right from the window of your bedroom to your washroom and make sure that the ants are eliminated completely.
  • A lot of time, it is not possible with your naked eye to detect a crack or a dark edge where ants might be thriving. A professional who has been into pest control can easily figure out such places and make sure that those are cleaned and sealed. So, with a professional at work, you can be completely sure that carpenter ants won’t be bothering you for a long time.

Those who have a lot of wooden furniture at home should get a professional help because furniture are often damaged by these ants. They can also give you tips on how to repel carpenter ants naturally.

Having said everything on this, let us now find a very effective ways of eliminating carpenter ants with natural means.

The first way is to mix 1tsp of boric acid with a little peanut butter or honey, 1tsp sugar and 4 ounces of water. Mix these all and put it in various corners. Once the ants consume this, they will die. For more professional help, get in touch with professionals at We will come up with more tips in future on how you can get rid of ants naturally